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TransVoyant CEO Dennis Groseclose to Speak at 2016 ISCEA SCTECH Conference

ALEXANDRIA, Va., July 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Supply Chain IoT technology pioneer and TransVoyant CEO Dennis Groseclose will speak at the 2016 ISCEA Supply Chain Technology Conference at Chicago's Navy Pier July 19 – 21, 2016. Groseclose's panel 'The Future of IoT in the Supply Chain' will be moderated by conference chair Dr. Erick Jones.

This innovative panel will cover:

  • Why the Internet of Things has changed and will continue to impact the world of supply chain and logistics operations

  • How to coordinate IoT technology to work together for cohesive supply chain management

  • How businesses and supply chain leaders can capitalize on the Internet of Things to optimize profits in their supply chains

"There are a lot of buzzwords and hype around big data and I0T, but leveraging these capabilities to optimally shape and match demand and supply in a zero latency world is more than buzz or platitude," said Dennis Groseclose, CEO of TransVoyant. "It is a necessity that business leaders must undertake to stay competitive in the on-demand and highly dynamic global marketplace. If you can't track every single shipment, predict behavior in and around your supply chain and predict consumer behaviors in real-time, all the time, you are not taking advantage of the benefits that IoT and big data promises. For our customers, this means a 15-20% improvement in on-time arrivals and a 40-70% improvement in estimated arrival time accuracy resulting in lower supply chain costs, greater flexibility and higher customer fulfillment of perishable demand."

An Air Force Academy graduate, Groseclose previously led the restructuring of the unmanned space launch program for the U.S. Air Force; directed and implemented Worldwide Supply Chain Optimization for IBM; was a leader at a technology firm from start-up through IPO; and served as Vice President of Homeland Security at Lockheed Martin. On the strength of these experiences, Groseclose has proven his ability to solve complex business and national security challenges leveraging technology, information and predictive and behavioral analytics.  In 2011, Dennis cofounded TransVoyant, a company that specializes in delivering live and predictive insights from real-time big data analytics.

The Future of IoT in the Supply Chain will take place on July 20 from 9:00am – 10:00am on Stage 1. For more information and to register for ISCEA SCTECH, visit

About the 2016 SCTECH

The 2016 SCTECH is an annual gathering of supply chain, operations, engineering, and financial professionals coming together to share cutting edge technologies and best practices focusing on efficiency and profitability. For more information, please visit the 2016 SCTECH website at

About TransVoyant

TransVoyant puts the power of global live and historical data and advanced analytics into the hands of decision makers for the first time. TransVoyant's mission is to help people make better decisions by providing them with timely and actionable insights on globally occurring real-time and predicted events and behaviors—ranging from forecasted port disruptions and precise shipment arrival times to trending consumer demand to real-time threats to inventory and facilities. TransVoyant solutions provide better future outcomes—for individuals, for businesses, and for nations. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Heather Crotty (703) 778-7691

SOURCE TransVoyant

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