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ISCEA awards the 2006 Ptak Prize for Supply Chain Excellence

ISCEA awards the 2006 Ptak Prize for Supply Chain Excellence to the LeTourneau Steel Group in recognition of significant improvement through Vision, Business Rules, and Technology.

Las Vegas, NV, May 26, 2006. At a special reception held at the Imperial Palace Hotel, ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance) awarded the 2006 Ptak Prize for Supply Chain Excellence to the LeTourneau Steel Group. Mr. David Blazek Vice President and General Manager for LeTourneau was at the event to accept the award from Carol Ptak, for whom the award was named after. “We are honored to receive this prestigious award and be recognized by the Supply Chain Industry” stated Mr. Blazek, Vice President and General Manager for LeTourneau, Inc.

Ptak Prize Selection Committee received nominations from numerous companies worldwide and had the challenging task of selecting the 2006 Ptak Prize winner from list of very competent success stories. In addition to LeTourneau, Ptak Prize Selection Committee recognized GENCO, the World leader in reverse logistics, for their contribution to the Supply Chain Industry. Cary Cameron, Vice President of GENCO represented the GENCO Organization at the event.

“In today’s economy it’s difficult to believe that there could be such a huge success story at an American steel manufacturer. It is even harder to believe that in only 18 months they were able to improve on-time delivery from 50% to 94%, cut inventory by 80%, reduce cycle time by 67%, and increase shipped tons by 50%. This feat was accomplished without any additional labor or additional capital equipment. It is clear that LeTourneau Steel has created a world class supply chain and is deserving of the first Ptak Prize in Supply Chain Excellence. The whole supply chain community should join us in congratulating LeTourneau Steel. It is our hope that future winners can achieve the high standard of excellence in Supply Chain performance achieved by LeTourneau,” stated Dr. Charles A. Watts, Executive Director of Education at ISCEA.

"The Ptak Prize for Supply Chain Excellence is given to the one company that exemplifies what is necessary and sufficient to compete in today's hypercompetitive market. LeTourneau Steel not only outperformed other steel and heavy equipment manufacturers, they outperformed even the best high tech company. LeTourneau demonstrated how a viable vision supported by the alignment of business processes and technology will transform the business and bring significant bottom line results" stated Carol Ptak.

Ptak Prize Selection Committee will be accepting nominations for the 2007 Ptak Prize starting June 1st 2006 until March 31, 2007. Organizations that has made significant improvement through Vision, Business Rules, and Technology are encouraged to submit nomination for the 2007 Ptak Prize. The 2007 Ptak Prize will be awarded during The 2007 World Supply Chain Forum in May 2007.

About LeTourneau LeTourneau, Inc. Steel Group is a mini-mill located in Longview, Texas, producing steel plate since 1952, with a worldwide customer base. The Steel Group is well known for its small heat size, superior customer service, and exceptional on-time performance. Its specialties are thick plate through 12-1/4″ and the ability to provide various types of heat treatments. The Steel Group’s quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001:2000. The dedicated and hardworking employees at LeTourneau, Inc. Steel Group hold the keys to its success. LeTourneau, Inc. Steel Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rowan Companies, Inc. (NYSE: RDC)


ISCEA's mission is to provide total supply chain knowledge to manufacturing and service industry professionals through Education, Certification and Recognition. ISCEA is the developer of internationally recognized certification programs of Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM), Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA), Certified HealthCare Supply Chain Analyst (CHSCA), Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP), Certified Lean Master (CLM), Certified Supply Chain Technology Professional (CSCTP), and others. ISCEA is the governing body for the Ptak Prize. ISCEA members hold mid to upper supply chain management positions in Global 2000 companies. The International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA) was the first organization certifying supply chain professionals around the globe, and it remains the worldwide authoritative resource for supply chain career development with thousands of certificate holders commanding top-tier salaries.

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