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ISCEA International

Standards Board is the

Global Supply Chain

Accreditation Authority


IISB (ISCEA International Standards Board) is the world leader in developing and publishing the International Supply Chain Standards. IISB works with Public and Private Organizations to set Global Supply Chain Standards. IISB also works with Governments and Trade Organizations on their Supply Chain Readiness Initiatives.

IISB is made up of a 24 member Board of Directors led by a Secretary-General and a President. IISB delegates are ISCEA management, instructors, key ISCEA staff members, ISCEA AKPs (Authorized Knowledge Providers) and selected members of their staff, Ministerial level Representatives of Governments, ISCEA Country Advisory Board Members, and selected group of Global Supply Chain Experts. The invitation only, IISB Bi-Annual Assembly takes place in Switzerland.



The IISB is the vehicle through which ISCEA maintains close ties with the industry and its most prominent leaders. IISB members hold top management positions in leading global, regional, and national companies. Admittance to this committee is by invitation only.



ISCEA allows only ISCEA certified instructors to teach ISCEA Workshops. ISCEA authorized instructors have achieved their authorization through a detailed evaluation of deep knowledge of course material, and Industry experience. They have agreed to follow ISCEA code of conduct that will ensure the integrity and consistency of our programs are maintained across the globe.

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