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The Certified Demand Driven

Leader Certification 

Internationally accredited by the IISB, the CDDL certifies and validates knowledge on the ability to design, implement and sustain a Demand Driven supply chain. The CDDL Certification spans Planning, Operations, Distribution and Finance

How Does the CDDL

Compare to the CDDP?

There is some overlap between the programs. The material in the DDMRP and DDDRP sections of the CDDL is redundant on the CDDP Program material. The CDDP goes into much greater depths on these topics. That material, however, will constitute only about 15% of the total CDDL.

CDDL Course Preparation


Each Certified Demand Driven Leader Examination is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions chosen from a larger question pool.  Each exam provided is unique in the questions and sequence of the questions.  A passing score requires 70% correct answers. 

The exam is delivered online through ISCEA’s iProctor system.  You must have a computer with good internet connectivity and a webcam to take the online exam. 

The examination questions are broken down into 5 categories. 

Below is a description of those categories.

  1. Demand Driven Principles – The fundamental foundation of the Demand Driven method

  2. Conventional Planning and Financial Challenges to Flow – Demonstrate a knowledge of the reasons why conventional systems are failing to facilitate flow

  3. Demand Driven MRP Basics – The fundamentals of DDMRP

  4. Demand Driven Scheduling and Shop Floor Execution Basics – The fundamentals of control point impact and scheduling and buffer management (Time and Capacity buffers)

  5. Demand Driven Metrics – The ability to identify, analyze and apply appropriate metrics in the appropriate relevant range


Your credentials with the ISCEA make you an industry expert. Therefore, ISCEA requires that all its certification holders participate in continuing education to keep up with ever changing global supply chain body of knowledge and practice. You have invested time and money to obtain the ISCEA Credential. It is up to you to protect your investment by renewing your certification with ISCEA every three (3) years.

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