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"Determining Your Optimal Healthcare Supply Chain: Strategies, Principles and Vested Outsourcing—A Strategic Approach"

While some may only see challenges in healthcare today, in reality leading edge providers can experience true growth opportunities and gain competitive advantage in the market. Many of these growth, positioning and cost saving opportunities reside below the normal C-suite's radar, as part of their supply chain systems and associated processes.

The opportunity now exists for providers of care, distributors, manufacturers, group purchasers and other stakeholders to create an optimal healthcare supply chain where strategic decisions about a strategic business function, the supply chain, can enhance care quality while improving value to all. The maturing of the healthcare supply chain must include the appreciation of both the vertical and horizontal stakeholders of the strategic importance of the healthcare supply chain. The ability to conduct situational analyses, determine the best alternative models and methods for your healthcare supply chain while developing and facilitating value based relationships with supply chain stakeholders is at the center of this session. An improved, working toward an optimal state, supply chain can positively impact the cost, quality and access framework of your stakeholder network and ultimately facilitate enhanced patient care.

Benefits of Attending:
This workshop will assist attendees in understanding the tradeoffs of various healthcare supply chain models, introduce value principles for internal and external processes, present the need for maturation of the supply chain to a strategic and measured system and present the importance of determining and building relationships with stakeholders within the vested outsourcing framework. The integration of other industry's supply chain value principles will give the attendee a better realization of the possibilities for creating a situational – context based ‘optimal' supply chain for their organization. Attendees will be given an opportunity to develop a short plan on how to implement the learnings going forward.

Key Topics Include:
Healthcare Supply Chain Models
Strategic Model Decision Points
Internal Value Principles
External Value Principles
Vertical Relationship Development
Supply Chain Metrics
Vested Outsourcing
Creating Strategies for Building Relationships with Vendors and Suppliers
Sharing experiences, practices and ideas

Who Should Attend:
Healthcare Supply Chain Leaders and Managers
Healthcare Supply Chain Consultants
Healthcare Executives wanting competitive advantage in the market
Healthcare Distributors
Healthcare Manufacturers
Purchasers and Procurement Professionals

Master Schedule Agenda:

  • Registration
  • Introduction of Speakers & Current State: Healthcare Supply Chain
  • Introduction of Potential Models and Model Discussion
  • Internal Value Principles and Improvement Possibilities
  • Example: Metrics in the Supply Chain (other industries as example)
  • Break
  • External Value Principles and Knowing Your Suppliers & Vendors
  • Lunch
  • Vertical ‘Relationship' Integration
  • Vested Outsourcing
  • Break
  • Discussion (What to do on Monday) and mini-group work and report-out
  • GS1, ISCEA: Global Health Care Standards
  • Summary and Review
  • Conclusion

Workshop Leaders: Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Ledlow, Ph.D., MHA, FACHE
Dr. Ledlow is a board certified healthcare executive and an Associate Professor at Georgia Southern University in health policy and management. He earned his BA degree from the Virginia Military Institute in Economics, his MHA from Baylor University with emphasis in operations research, and his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from the University of Oklahoma. He has over 25 years of healthcare leadership, management and academic experience, half as a practitioner and half as an academic-scholar, holding leadership positions in supply chain, facilities, managed care and academic positions as doctoral program director at two research universities. Dr. Ledlow has military and corporate experience in healthcare supply chain systems, management and operations. He has authored or been contributing editor for six book volumes in supply chain, leadership and emergency preparedness, has authored numerous articles and papers and has presented in internationally and nationally for over a decade. Dr. Ledlow is also the Health Care Committee Chair at (IISB) ISCEA International Standards Board.

GS1 Health Care Standards:

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